Piercing Studio Etiquette


  • At the counter: 

Don’t handle your piercings (even if they are healed) as you may spread bacteria to the studio’s common areas thereby endangering both staff and fellow patrons.

Bring worn jewelry in a baggie or other sealed container.
Never place worn jewelry on the counter or display.

  • In the restroom: 

Don’t handle your piercings (see above).

It is never appropriate to change your jewelry in the restroom or other locations in the studio.
If you want your jewelry changed at the studio, it should be done by one of the piercers, in the piercing room.

  • In the piercing room: 

Allow your piercer to direct you to an area where personal belongings may be placed BEFORE setting anything down.

Camera flashes can be very distracting during the performance of a piercing.
Check with your piercer before taking pictures.
Turn off your cell phone.

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See, more people need to read this, because I see this far too often when I go for piercings or changes and it just drives me up the wall. 

Etiquette, people. Learn it.